"Wanderers message"



The designated map of the physical plan (the third obertone) with the marked places of basing of representatives, envoys, researchers and "shepherds" SC is transferred Cognizing on the threshold of Transition.

On all Plans (obertones) of Solar system there are 129 globes, 1 564 satellites and 342 000 heavenly bodies exchange. At present time on the Earth (the globe of the third obertone) there is Protograph — the Map of Solar system, Laws on which the given Universe is organized (generated, ordered, animated and spiritualized) and the Mandala of all centers of Knowledge, Comprehension and the Ascension of the supreme (thin) obertones of the given planet.

The wanderer

Laws of Creation.

The designated Laws make algorithm on the basis of which it is created and evolve the World of Solar system. The given algorithm has created conditions for:

  • existence and evolution organized, animated, self-realizing and the spiritualized matter;
  • coexistences of parallel and local material and field species and forms mineral, vegetative, animal, humanoid and not humanoid lives;
  • incarnations, possessions replacements, transformations and transmutations essences and biological forms;
  • migrations, transferences and substitutions through spatially-temporal portals both in system of globes of each planet, and between planets and their globes of Solar system and the Angle of Sirius;
  • realization and cooperation both inside essence hierarchy, and between hierarchies of all kinds of presence at system.

The wanderer

Mandala of Temples.

The designated Mandala of Temples (the centers — conductors of Vigour, the Information, Vibrations and Rhythms) is besieged and generated by essences (hierarchy-drivers) of the Supreme Universes and prospirits of the House of Creators and intended for all inspired on the globe: human humanoid race of four parallels (the surface, overground, flying and floating man) and not human humanoid races as for dense (the third obertone), and for thin obertones for the period of "Brahmas Century" with probable collapse one part of Temples and revival another through Keepers of each separate Temple.

Temples carry the information for all present Supreme hierarchies, an opportunity of direction of Portals, harmonization, preservation and restoration of the essence Principles the fallen and charmed, forgotten and lost; an opportunity of passing of all levels of Mysteries of initiation, conditions for Cognition, Self-cognition, Experience and the Ascension.

The wanderer

“What always were near.”

Trust in that you know. Know that, in what you believe.

Designated Mandala of Mysterial of globe “Earth” is besieged and generated by Initiators, Protocorrelators and Modulators of the House of Creators at participation of representatives of the third Highest Worlds (outside of the Circle of limitations, i.e. outkarmic) and is handed for implementation intended under guidance of substances the Circle Phahat and the Circle planetary Logos.

The globe’s Mysterial consists of four spheres (V, P, A , D) , each of which has the Places (L , I) for certain stages (levels) of initiation.

Mysterial is intended for inspirations and institutions of the substantial Beginnings , and also for restitutions to a capability of the Bowl and the Resonance of all embodied in conditions of the physical (phenomenal, karmic) World.